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Long Time No See!

2016-08-07 09:42:33 by bumblebirds

Hey there!

We've not had much time to work on games for a little while not, Erik got a "real" job as a Web Developer and that's kind of sucking up all of his time. No programmer means no games, unfortunately.

We're going to try and make some small stuff when we find the time - but finding the time isn't easy.

Just a little heads up. We've not forgotten about this place.


New Game!

2014-08-26 20:22:36 by bumblebirds

Hello there everyone!

Normally we like to try and enter Ludum Dare, the 48 hour game making competition, sometimes it goes well and we make the deadline, sometimes it goes badly and we don't. This time it went well and we didn't.

We're taking a few extra days or something to finish it up. The theme was Connected Worlds.

Here's a screenshot!



Hello everyone!

2014-03-20 18:49:51 by bumblebirds

Hey there everyone! Nice to meet you all :D

Just wanted to write a little note to say hi and to thank everyone who's chosen to follow us on here, it means a lot that you like our games enough to stick around. A big thanks to Tom for featuring Velocity Wings on the front page too, that was awesome. 

Something that keeps coming up in the reviews are comments like "you should turn this into an app" and I wanted to address that quickly here. We absolutely could make Velocity Wings into an app and I'm sure it would play very well, however we're pretty uncomfortable with turning something that is so obviously a Sonic/Flappy Bird game into a paid game for phones and tablets or whatever. Making a silly jam game for fun is one thing, but trying to sell a game that so closely follows aesthetic and design choices from other games is a step too far for us. Hope you understand!

Having said that, don't rule out the possibility something coming to the app store, google play, etc in the future. Hopefully something much more fully fleshed out.


Sky Panda hits half a Million views!

2014-01-11 08:32:09 by bumblebirds

Our game Sky Panda just hit a milestone that we're pretty proud of, so here's some Stats!

Views: 527,225

Deaths: 9,279,865

Bad Ending: 371

Good Ending: 43

Speedrun: 236

It's worth mentioning that there's a hacked version of Sky Panda out there now, so those Bad Ending and Speedrun numbers are pretty inflated.

Thanks everyone, you've been great!

Sky Panda is out!

2014-01-01 17:36:06 by bumblebirds

It's been a long time coming, but we just released our new, super cute, super tough platformer Sky Panda here on Newgrounds! 

If you like the game and want to help support us in the future, consider making a donation through our itch.io page? 

If you're a youtuber who loved making videos about games and want out permission, check out the Video Monetisation page of our website. 


We're real proud of this one and hope you like it too. 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

Video Monetisation Policy

2013-12-19 21:19:39 by bumblebirds

Hey, just made a quick update to our site! 

We now have a dedicated Video Monetisation Policy which we're hoping will come in handy should anybody get into trouble while trying to monetise their videos on YouTube for example. 

We've actually had trouble with YouTube ourselves in the past while trying to put ads on gameplay footage of our own games. Madness, right? 

Please mention if you run into any bugs with it, but it should be working just fine. 


The next update should be a good one! :D 

Sky Panda is Done!

2013-10-06 15:20:21 by bumblebirds

Just got to get Sponsorship sorted out. See you in the Portal!

Sky Panda is Done!

Sky Panda is coming!

2013-08-07 17:10:37 by bumblebirds

Just sent Sky Panda to a few preliminary testers, it'll be out soon!

Sky Panda is our tough but cute reflex platformer and we've been working on it for quite a while now.
Can't wait for you all to finally play it!

Sky Panda is coming!

RUNNERIST placed #19th in fun and #29th overall!
Very pleased with that :)


2013-04-29 23:26:22 by bumblebirds

Just in time too!

RUNNERIST was made for the Ludum Dare 26 game jam, a contest where you have to try and build a video game in a weekend. Teams can't enter, so we can't hope to "win" anything, but we're allowed to take part in the jam, which also gave us an extra day to play with.

We're really, really proud of this little game, and hope you enjoy it too!

Play it here!